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Appel pour la Grande Europe

15 avril 2006


If you are agree, if you'd like to do something, to organize an event, to meet other people to live this Europ, an europe for people and not only for economy or trade... Put your email adress with "comment" and tell that you want to do it too!

Si tu es d'accord, si tu veux faire quelque-chose, organiser un événement, rencontre d'autres personnes pour vivre cette Europe, une Europe des gens et pas seulement de l'économie et du commerce... Mets ton adresse Email en "commentaire" en disant que tu veux aussi le faire!



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    I think, Europe is one big country, we are people of new epoch, it is necessary to be united nation for all europeans: Ukrainian and French, Russian and Swiss. We are people of beatiful continent...

    Posté par Natalia, 15 avril 2006 à 14:02
  • thanks

    Thanks Natalia!
    I hope some other people will joign us... I'm waiting for to be able to organize something, a big meeting of european people in Bruxelles, Moscow, Paris, Minsk, Berlin... Each year a new city to tell that we are all Europeans!

    Posté par europeen, 17 avril 2006 à 09:18

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